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From: Peta Fletcher

Tuesday, 12:42 PM

Dear Friend,

Recently I was out with my friends at a local pub, and I saw something that broke my heart.

There was this girl there, who SHOULD have been having a great time, but instead she looked really sad and lonely.

She was out with some girlfriends, who were really enjoying themselves. They were chatting to guys, flirting and having a lot of fun.

But this other girl didn't seem to be very comfortable. She was really nervous, and wasn't speaking to men at all.

You could tell she wanted to- but whe was insecure, and didn't know where to begin. More than that- she seemed to think that the guys there weren't interested in her, and were more attracted to her friends.

The sad part about the story though... is that there WAS a guy that was interested in her, and he was really cute as well!

He had been sending her strong signals all night, be she was totally oblivious!

She did look at him a couple of times, but she had no idea about the strong signals he was sending her, and she went home disappointed again.

It wasn't her fault really.

Studies by psychologist Albert Mehrabian show that 55% of all human communication is via body language. This unlucky girl wasn't very good at reading body language though, and could not pick up that this cute guy was interested in her!

I wonder how many other cute guys she's missed out on, just because she can't read body language very well?

If she could read the signals right, I'm sure she'd be in a romantic relationship with some guy that would sweep her off her feet.

Something similar happens to millions of women, throughout the world, every day... but it doesn't have to.

Learning body language is easy, and is an incredibly useful skill for any female to have. And now learning body language is even easier because there is a book written specifically for women, that makes learning body language simple and easy...

This book makes understanding male body language really simple, and covers everything you need to know, including...

  • The truth about confidence, and how 6 simple techniques can be used to make you look, and feel more confident in less than 30 seconds. (Page 24)
  • The 5 easy-to-understand signs that someone is lying... Imagine knowing when someone is trying to deceive you. (Save yourself from being ripped off by reading page 9)
  • How you can use some simple but incredibly effective body language techniques to attract a man from across the room. (Page 32)
  • WARNING: A common belief that is 100% wrong, and very risky. Following this common fallacy may leave you desperate and lonely. (Page 36)
  • What never to do with your arms... this one mistake can sabotage all your body language efforts. (Find out how on page 19)
  • How to quickly put a man at ease using a special method that babies use... You probably won't believe how easy and effective this incredible technique can be! (Page 17)
  • Why watching certain popular TV shows can dramatically improve your body language skills... but only if you do this first. (Page 42 reveals all)
  • Attract men simply and easily. Even really shy and timid woman will enjoy flirting with this technique. (Page 32)
  • WARNING: Not all smiles are created equal! This particular smile reveals to you that someone is being insecure. (Find out more on page 19)
  • And much, much more.

Some of this information is priceless, which makes pricing the book quite hard.

What price do you put on information that allows you to attract the man YOU want, rather than just waiting for whatever man fate decides to throws at you?

How do you value information that could save someone from missing out on the relationship of their dreams... just because they couldn't read the signals the man was giving off?

What's it worth to use body language to influence your children subconsciously- persuade them to clean their room, get them to do their homework without arguing, or even keeping them away from drugs?

Think about that for a second... What is powerful information like that worth to you?

Just imagine... never being suckered, taken for a ride, or ripped off ever again, because you know when someone is trying to lie to you!

Just imagine... being able to read men like a book, knowing what they are thinking, and how they feel about you, before you even speak to them...

Just imagine... knowing what to do to seem irresistable to any man you want.

I'm sure you'll agree, knowledge that powerful is worth a lot.

But luckily, you won't have to pay that much for these secrets.

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Now I'm sure these secrets will work for you, but if your still skeptical, then I'll offer you my...

Personal 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

These secret techniques are powerful. They have worked for me, they have worked for others, and I guarantee they will work for you. When you buy, you have 60 days to evaluate the eBook. Read it, think about it, and try some of the ideas.

If your not totally amazed by what you learn... if it doesn't allow you to read others, or to attract the man you want, or to persuade your children, or anything else you have read about above, then I insist that you contact me, so I can give you a full refund!

"I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in body language."

"I have always known that body language plays a large part in communication, but I never realised just how much of my little unconsious signals said about me, until I read your book. It was really enlightening what changing a few of my mannerisims can do to change how other people percieve me.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in body language. Thanks!"

Briar Barry, Belmont, Perth, Western Australia

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Peta Fletcher

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